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Dear all group leader,

1. Please wear formal attire during review session. And please keep quiet when other group make their presentation. T.A. deduct mark on individual progress mark if you can give any co operation.

2. Please be prepare your item that need to be show to Review Board (3 copy) and Lecturer (1 copy), Mr. Asri. Please fulfil with answer for question that may Review Board ask on this element;

· Capability on CAD Modelling

· Capability on CAE Processing

· Data Management

· Generating Bill of Material

3. Each group will have 10 minutes to present and 10 minutes on Q&A session. We will punctual on time due to short time been provide because we only have time from 9.00am to 1.00pm. T.A. will make the once beep on 1st time when group have another 1 minute to finish. Then T.A. will make twice beep when group should finish their presentation. This time group need to stop their presentation and Review Board will start on Q&A session. On Q&A session, T.A. will make the once beep on 1st time when time reach 8 minutes on Q&A session. Then alarm will beep again on 2nd time when time on Q&A session finish. But it can be continue depends on Review Board opinion.

4. On this Structure Modelling Review, group arrangement on this review will be decide by passion of each group. It’s mean, which group go to present first will have potential to get more mark follow by other group. On this matter, T.A. will see passion on each group ready to present to review board.

5. Please stay at the class after this Structure Modelling Review because T.A. have few new amendment due to next 3 days Intensive Workshops.

Thank You for your co operation. Till then, we are looking forward to see you. Good Luck for your presentation.

Salam Mesra / Best Regards,

DreamEDGE Muzzamil

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