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DOWNLOAD HERE: (Borang Soal Selidik Pelajar Tahun Akhir BMCD)


Kepada pelajar-pelajar BMCD yang berminat untuk menjadi admin kepada blog ini, sila emailkan alamat email anda ke azim_im (at) hotmail (dot) com. Pastikan anda memenuhi syarat ini:

i. Mempunyai akaun blogspot.
ii. Pelajar BMCD

Admin sedia ada akan menamatkan pelajaran tidak lama lagi, oleh itu blog ini akan diserahkan kepada pelajar BMCD lain yang masih menuntut di UTeM. En Shafizal B Mat (Ketua Jabatan BMCD) juga merupakan admin kepada blog ini.


Jadual Seminar PSM 2

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Lecture note W11

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Jawapan tuto 7. Kredit pada Afzan.

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Note W10 & Tutorial 7

3rd Formula Varsity 2010

1. What is UTeM FormulaVarsity?

UTeM Formula Varsity is a student racing competition that challenges students to design, manufacture and race their single seat open-wheel formula style racing car in real track condition. This event is inspired by similar student based formula style racing events such as Formula SAE and Formula Student. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for Malaysian students with interest in motorsport engineering to put into practice their engineering knowledge and skills in developing a working model of a formula style racing car. The event hope to foster the tie and collaboration between all Malaysian higher education institutions especially among the students as well as to help create the needed competent human capitals for our country automotive industries.

2. Where and when will the event held?

The event will be held from 2-3 October 2010 at Melaka.

3. Who is the organizer?

For the 2010 event, the competition will be organized by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM).

4. When was the last event?

The last event was held in 2008 in UTeM main campus.

5. Who participated in the last event?

Five teams participated in the 2008 Formula Varsity, which are UTeM, UPM, University of Nottingham (Malaysian Campus), Politeknik Shah Alam & Politeknik Kota Bharu.

6. Who can participate in the event?

All students from all Malaysian higher education institutions (IPTA, IPTS, Polytechnics, IKMs, ILPs etc) are welcomed to participate in this event.

7. How can I participate?

All teams who wish to participate in this event, must submit their registration form together with the registration fee to the 2010 Formula Varsity organizing committee (contact Dr Muhamad Zahir Hassan at zahir@utem.edu.my or call 06-3316559). Only teams with official endorsement and approval by their institutions are allowed to participate in the event.

In the other hand, for FKM UTeM students, you can contact Dr Muhamad Zahir Hassan (email: zahir@utem.edu.my or tel: 06-3316559) for info on how to participate as team member in the organizing committee.

1) MCTF 2010

Career & Training Fair is back. Since 2002, this Career & Training fair has evolved and become the biggest fair ever in Malaysia. MCTF’10 returns from 16 to 18 April 2010 & 8 to 10 October 2010 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Since 2002, MCTF has attracted over half a million graduates and experienced professionals, filling out thousands of positions in hundreds of participating companies.

2) Karnival Kerjaya dan Keusahawan Graduan (K3G)

In collaboration with Ministry of Higher Education’s (MOHE), Jobstreet will be co-organizing the Karnival Kerjaya dan Keusahawan Graduan (K3G), which is going to be held at PWTC from 14-16 May 2010.


Good luck in our Final Exam!!

Grammar Proof Reading

Salam all,

I advice you guys to use this website to check your grammar for PSM report. So interesting and cheapest as well. Do visit this website




This is the letter from Khai, Strategic Alliance Director.

Attn : Head of Design & Innovations Dept. - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Universiti Teknikal Malaysia, Melaka)

Dear En. Shafizal,

Good day. My name is Khai from Wire Eight Resources.

We are an on-line resource centre providing comprehensive information to all Malaysian Graduates with regards to
various governemnt funded training programs, industrail skill enhancement courses and job attachment opportunities in Malaysia.
For more information about us please visit our website at www.wire8.com.my

With that in mind, I would like to to inform your graduates about various training and job attachment opportunities which will help to enhance their future employability
All qualified gradutes, will be provided with the following :

Free Profesisonal Training & Certifications.
Monthly Cash Allowance.
Job Attachment upon completion.

Currently, there are new intakes OPEN FOR REGISTRATIONS for the INSEP (Industrial Skills Enhancement Training Program)
The INSEP Training Program offers different courses targeting at graduates majoring in various disciplines as follows :

P/S : The Job Attachment partners includes DELL Malaysia.

ICT (Information & Communication Technology):

· ICT Security
· Programming and Database
· Information Communication Technology (MCITP & CCNA)
· Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP-SAP)
· Internet Technology & E-commerce
· Software Engineering with Real-time Embedded System

MIMS (Malaysia Institute of Microsystems):

· Semiconductor Chip Design - Analogue
· Semiconductor Chip Testing
· Semiconductor Chip Packaging
· Printed Circuit Board Design - Analogue


· Industrial Automation
· Plastics Product & Mould Design
· Piping System Design
· Equipment Engineering Design
· Continuous Improvement Methodology

The following are the courses OPEN FOR REGISTRATION in APRIL & MAY 2010 intakes :

INSEP ICT (Information Communication Technology) courses :

This courses are for IT/Computer Studies Graduates.

ICT Security
ICT Programming & Database

INSEP MIMS (Malaysia Institute of Microsystems) courses :

This courses are for ENGINEERING Graduates.
Semiconductor Chip Design - Analogue
Advanced Semiconductor Chip Packaging

For more information and to REGISTER ONLINE, graduates can log on to http://www.wire8.com.my/programs.html
Seats are LIMITED. Registration is on ‘first-come, first-serve basis’.

Most importantly, I really appreciate that you could inform your graduates by posting this information on your university & alumni website
and other avenues which you deemed fit as these are the best way to communicate the information to the graduates.

I believe the INSEP Training Program will present your graduates the opportunity to acquire both soft and technical skills based
on current industry needs and gain relevant working experience to enhance their future employability.

Your kind support and co-operation is very much needed and appreciated.
Should there be any query, please do not hesitate to contact me.

P/S : Kindly forward this info to your colleague in your other campuses so that they can inform their graduates too.
Thanks you.

Yours sincerely,

Wee Tay Khai
Strategic Alliance Director

Wire Eight Resources

Tel : 603-7960 0759
Mobile : 6012-2050 363
Email : khai@wire8.com.my
Website : http://www.wire8.com.my

Salam all,

Please to be informed to all students that Final Presentation and Award Ceremony of National Inter-Varsity Design Competition 2009 organized by IME SolidWorks Malaysia will be held on 8th April 2010 at Technology Park Malaysia.

The good news is FKM has 2 participants qualified into the Final draw among 10 participants from various university who participate in this competition. Anybody who got Facebook account, please feel free to vote TOILET MASTER and ULTIMATE AIR CONVERTER.

The team with the highest vote at the end of the session - 8th April 2010 will be award as "MOST PEOPLE PREFERRED AWARD" Winner.

Visit our website www.utem.edu.my/fkm or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=157887&id=130827878402&ref=mf for further information.

Join and support our FKM Students!!


Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Sila semak nama penyelia ke-2 anda. Ada perubahan penyelia ke-2 untuk sesetengah pelajar.

DOWNLOAD: Vibration (28/3/2010)

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Lecture note chapter 4 (Multi Degree of Freedom System) & Tutorial 4

Maklumat tambahan PSM 1 & PSM 2

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Penilaian PSM untuk semester 2 sesi 2009/2010

DOWNLOAD: Vibration (22/3/10)

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Lecture note Single Degree of Freedom System. Sila print note ini.

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD
(alternative link)


1. Design Guidelines for Rapid Manufacturing
2. Design for Injection Molding (not complete)
3. Design for Manufacturing Assembly of Electronic Components
4. Design for Safety
5. Design for Sustainability
6. Design for Machining
7. Design for Welding
8. Design for Casting (Download 2)
9. Design for Die Casting
(Download 2)
10. Design for Metal Forming (Download 2)
11. Design for Injection Molding (Download 2)
12. Design for Robotic & Automated Assembly (Download 3)

PERHATIAN: Kepada rakan2 BMCD yang masih belum bagi kat aku slide kumpulan masing2, sila bagi segera. Sharing is caring. Hantarkan ke azim_im@hotmail.com

E-mail En Asri

Apa khabar semua,
Tutorial minggu ni agenda nya adalah seperti berikut:
1. Every group need to present the 2nd assignment.
2. Submit the hard copy of the assignment after presentation.
Please inform your group members.
Terima kasih
Mohd Asri Yusuf


salam...just nak tanya..sbb ada budak fotografi tanya..klas kita nak x ambik gambar mcm yang kita penah ambik dulu..nak set date...kalu x nak aku bgtw dia jea...sbb dia tanya bila kita nak set date utk ambik gambar satu klas....keputusan ditangan anda semua....NAK @ TIDAK...

Maklumat terkini

Salam all,

Just nak share kat korang semua, baru tadi saya dapat berita tentang kematian student BMCS baru-baru ni.

Antara info yang saya dapat, doktor telah mengesahkan bahawa kematian Allahyarham adalah disebabkan oleh virus dari tikus. Kemungkinan Allahyarham terkena virus tersebut semasa tinggal di hostel.

Saya nak nasihatkan kat korang semua berhati-hatilah kalau nak minum or makan makanan kat rumah tu. Atau pastikan tikus takde kat rumah korang.. takut virus tu kena kat korang pulak.

Pastikan persekitaran rumah korang bersih, so takde la tikus2 membiak di sekitar rumah korang..

Pandai-pandai le korang fikir apa yang perlu korang buat, yang penting kematian Allahyarham ada kaitan dengan tikus...

Fikir-fikirkan lah yer...just nak share berita yang baru saya dapat je tadi...



Majlis Anugerah Dekan FKM 2010



DOWNLOAD: Vibration (17/3/10)

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Untuk kegunaan lab report vibration. Khai yang bagi kat aku.

Salam all,

Berkaitan dengan kes kematian pelajar BMCS baru-baru ini, saya mohon anda sahkan kesihatan dengan saya dengan segera.

Sekiranya anda masih tidak sihat, sila buat pemeriksaan kesihatan di Hospital Besar Melaka dengan segera.

Sekian, harap maklum.

Mencegah itu lebih baik dari merawat.



DOWNLOAD: Vibration (14/3/10)

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Note Chapter 2, Tuto 1 & 2.

DOWNLOAD: Vibration (9/3/10)

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Chapter 1: Fundamental of Vibration



Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

Tutorial akan diberikan semasa didalam kelas. Harap maklum.

*Lecture note untuk 4b, 4c & 5a.

Kolej Kediaman UTeM

Kiriman ini merupakan nukilan seorang MPP UTeM yang baru mengenai isu kolej kediaman pelajar UTeM yang masih tidak siap-siap lagi. Walaupun mungkin batch BMCD 06-10 tidak sempat nak merasa kolej kediaman ini, tapi ini mungkin berita yang baik bagi junior BMCD.

Biar saya mulakan bicara kali ini dengan ucapan kesyukuran ke hadrat Ilahi atas limpah dan kurnia-Nya kerana akhirnya isu tentang kolej Kediaman di UteM hampir menemui titik penyelesaiannya.

Pagi tadi jam 8.30 kami barisan MPP diketuai saudara Ibrahim dan semua ahli MT kecuali saudari hasanah yang mempunyai kekangan bersama saudara Loga dan Hong Fai menghadiri Majlis Menandatangani Perjanjian Konsesi Asrama Secara Penswastaan (BLMT) antara universiti kita dengan Pengurusan Konsesi Asrama Sdn. Bhd.

Majlis berkenaan berlangsung di Putrajaya dan juga dihadiri oleh YB Dato` Seri Mohamed Khalid bin Nordin. Universiti kita diwakili oleh N.C sendiri.

Dalam ucapan semasa majlis berkenaan, N.C memberitahu bahawa pembinaan asrama akan mengambil masa 24 bulan jika tanpa sebarang kekangan lain, InsyaAllah. Kita mengharapkan agar projek pembinaan asrama kita akan berjalan dengan lancar sepanjang 24 bulan pembinaannya.Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa agar pembinaan asrama akan siap dengan sempurna dalam waktu yang dijangkakan.

Berikut adalah sedikit spesifikasi yang dapat kami ketahui dalam majlis berkenaan :-

1. Hostel Pelajar Jenis A (360 pelajar/blok) - 8 Blok
2. Hostel Pelajar Jenis B (180 pelajar/blok) - 1 Blok
3. Arked pelajar - 2 Blok
4. Banglo Pengetua - 2 Unit
5. Rumah Semi-D - 4 Unit

-fizree ashraf-
Timbalan Yang DiPertua MPP UTeM 09/10

sumber: http://imnotstoryteller.blogspot.com/2010/03/kolej-kediaman-yang-dinanti-nanti.html

Test of BMCD4543‏

Apa khabar semua,
Ujian untuk subjek BMCD4543 akan diadakan mengikut tentatif berikut:

Hari : Khamis
Tarikh : 11.03.2010
Masa : 8.30-10.00 Malam
Tempat : BK-2 (Fasa B)

Selamat belajar dan Semoga berjaya.
Terima kasih
En Mohd Asri Yusuf

Hi all,

Pls refer attachment for the advertisement job vacancy at Usra Tampi (M) Sdn. Bhd. as CADEM Engineering Design Section.



Sila klik disini:

1. DOWNLOAD (Manual Handling & Insertion Table)
2. DOWNLOAD (Video Guidelines)

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Tutorial 6 & note W7

Tarikh penting PSM 2

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

* Lecture note 1 - 15.

Pembayaran Buku Hubungan Etnik

Perhatian kepada pemilik nama dibawah, sila bayar RM15 kepada Khaleeq selewat-lewatnya khamis (11/2/10) ini. Harap maklum,

1. Azinuddin
2. Hamdi Alif
3. Azizol Yacob
4. Zulhafiz
5. Saifuddin
6. Faruqi
8. Zul-Azri
9. Helmi
10. Fauzy
11. Hafizuddin
12. Amta Ezra
13. Khai
14. Nazirul
15. Aidil
16. Syafiq
17. Izzat
18. Imran
19. Hanis
20. Faizal
21. Fareez
22. Aizuddin

Sila klik disini untuk download lecture note: DOWNLOAD

*Lecture note diatas adalah sehingga note untuk hari ini (9/2/10)

Sila klik disini:
1. DOWNLOAD (Tutorial 5)
2. DOWNLOAD (Lecture Note W6)

Karnival Kerjaya UTeM 2010

klik disini untuk mendapatkan lec. note VOC : DOWNLOAD

Sila klik disini untuk download tutorial 4: DOWNLOAD

Sila klik disini untuk download Group Project - Very Brief Answer Guide: DOWNLOAD

1. Bina satu borang soal selidik. Berkenaan Kajian Peranan ko-kurikulum dalam usaha untuk melahirkan mahasiswa mempunyai sikap 1 Malaysia. (Khai)

2. Huraikan Masalah Perkauman di Malaysia selepas DEB 1970 hingga tahun 1980. (Ijat)

3. Huraikan Masalah Perkauman di Malaysia selepas 1980 hingga tahun 1990. (Oden)

4. Huraikan Masalah Perkauman di Malaysia selepas 1990 hingga tahun 2010. (Jama)

5. Bina satu borang soal selidik berkenaan kajian cabaran menangani polarisasi dalam kalangan mahasiswa university. (Pakcik)

6. Bincangkan isu yang timbul berkenaan dengan Sekolah Satu Aliran (Ajimtajdid)

7. Berikan komen yang bernas berkenaan dengan DEB yang lebih memihak kepada orang Melayu tetapi sebaliknya kepada orang bukan Melayu. (Afzan)

8. Berikan komen tentang kedudukan agama Islam sebagai agama rasmi di Malaysia dan isu keagamaan yang hangat diperkatakan kini. (Ensem)

9. Berikan komen berkenaan DEB yang dipolitikkan untuk kepentingan golongan tertentu (Dila)

10. Berikan komen tentang aspek2 penting dalam Gagasan 1 Malaysia. Terhadap mahasiswa (Khaleeq)

*Pn Fazilah pesan, setiap kumpulan kena jumpa dia bincang pasal tajuk ini.

Shell Inter-Varsity Student Paper Presentation Contest 2010

(S-SPEC 2010)

‘Integrating Creative Mind in Science and Technology for Sustainable Future’

Venue: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia , UTM

Date: 15 & 16 March 2010

Total prizes of RM10,000

Submit your abstracts NOW!!!

Submit your abstract to sspec2010@gmail.com before 4 February 2010

To know more about S-SPEC 2010, just visit to

www.sspec2010.speutm.com @

All UNDERGRADUATE and POSGRADUATE students are invited to take part.

*There is no any admission fee required.

Grab this golden opportunity!!!

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Buku rujukan yang En Rizal bagi.

Dinner FKM 2010

Kepada pelajar tahun akhir BMCD yang berminat untuk menyertai Dinner FKM 2010, berikut merupakan info kepada majlis yang akan dilangsungkan.

Tempat: Hotel Renaissance Melaka (4 Bintang)
Tarikh: 2 hari selepas final exam
Bayaran: RM40.00
Menu: Roasted Crispy Chicken (Thai Style), Steamed Seabass (Teo Chew Style), Baked Prawn with Salt & Pepper, Stewed Vegetarian Dish with Beancurd Skin & Pearl Mushroomi, Fried Rice with Salted Fish & Minced Chicken, Chilled Fresh Honeydew with Sago Cream.
Acara: Cabutan bertuah, persembahan hiburan, cenderahati, dll.
Tema: Bebas, bergantung pada kreativiti sendiri.
PIC: Sila maklumkan pada Sdr Jama untuk bayaran dan pengesahan penyertaan (sebelum cuti Tahun Baru Cina)

Kepada mereka yang berminat untuk membuat sebarang persembahan semasa majlis berlangsung, sila maklumkan pada pihak penganjur untuk tindakan.

Sila klik disini untuk download tutorial 3: DOWNLOAD

Sila klik disini untuk download lecture note: DOWNLOAD

*Chapter 1 & 2

Sila klik disini untuk muat turun tutorial 2: DOWNLOAD

Program Green Card Anjuran FKE

Sila klik disini: DOWNLOAD

*Kredit kepada BMCA Blog. Nota ini diambil dari sana. Untuk mendapatkan lecture note versi hardcopy, sila dapatkan dari wakil kelas BMCD.

PTPTN Update!! Sila baca dengan TELITI SAMPAI HABIS...Sy dh hntr surat pd NC pagi ini, malangnya NC sdg brcuti. Walaubgaimanapun, sy dh brbncg dgn Prof Zol (Dekan HEPA), Dato' Md Nor (TNCA) dan Pgwai Unit Kebajikan..hsil prbncgn.. Utk mohon suntikan pdhuluan khas rm500 ke dlm akaun pljr yg melibatkan jutaan ringgit, Jawatankuasa Kewangan prgkt unvsti prlu brsidang..dan ini akan memakan masa yg lama krna prlu melalui prosedur yg ketat yg tlh ditetapkn oleh Audit Negara.

Kptusnnya, Pljr2 yg mmrlukn wang bolhlah memohon Pinjaman Jangka Pendek (PJP) secara online di portal SMP...walaubagaimanapun, prosedur telah diringankan..hsil rundign, pljr2 thun akhir yg aslnya tidak lyk memohon PJP dibenarkn memohon dgn mngemukakan surat prjanjian byrn.. Bagi mmprcepatkn prmohonn, kaedh intrview telah diringkskn dan akan dijlnkn scpt mgkin..pljr akn dipggil intrview 1 atau 2 hari slps memohon..pihak HEPA sdg brbncg dgn bndhri utk mmbatalkn prosedur interview ini jika tidak melanggar tatacara yg tlh ditetapkan oleh Lembaga Pengarah Universiti (LPU)..hasil prbncgn akn dimklumkn kmudian..

bagi proses bank-in ke akaun pljr, sy tlh mghbungi Timbalan Bendahari dan brbncg mngenai prkara ini dan beliau brjnji akan memasukkan duit yg dimohon dlm masa 2 hari bkrja SELEPAS KELULUSAN DEKAN HEPA...Dekan HEPA juga telah mmberi jaminan,beliau tidak ada masalah utk meluluskn mana2 pljr yg memohon..

Pmotongan dari akaun PTPTN akan dibuat pada semester hadapan..so, untuk mengelak brlaku masalah "xckup duit" pd semster hadapan, pljr2 yg memohon PJP dinasihatkan supaya mmbayar terus ke Pejabat Bendahari stlh PTPTN mengkreditkan wang pada semester ini..so, tiada pemotongan pada semster hadapan..

Seperkara berkaitan, memandangkan isu ini sangat kritikal, Dekan HEPA hari ini akn berjumpa dgn Pengarah PTPTN di Kuala Lumpur utk brbncg mengenai isu ini..tiada kata putus setakat ini..jika ada kptusan sy akan mklumkn kmudian.. Apa2 pun, NC belum baca surat saya..jika beliau mmbri kptusn yg brbeza, sy akn mklumkn juga kmudian..

Diharap para pljr brpuashati dgn kptusn ini..inilah kputusn terbaik yg dpt dibuat..

BOLEH MULA MEMOHON PJP MULAI SEKARANG!! Mohon secepat mungkin untuk dapat lebih cepat! Maklumkan pada rakan2 yang lain.. Notis Rasmi akan dikeluarkan hari ini oleh Unit kebajikan, HEPA.

Yang menjalankan tugas,

Timbalan Yang Di-Pertua
Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar, UTeM

4 Januari 2009

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